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Lucas CK-4 is a premium Heavy Duty Motor Oil blended with high quality API Group II and Group Ill base oils and a cutting-edge additive package providing the robust performance required by modern diesel engines while assuring good fuel economy.

Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent rust and oxidation resistance to provide the highest performance properties.

Everything needed to make your vehicle showroom ready!

Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces.

Use on: nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, sliding doors, bicycle chains and a million other uses around the home, garage, shop and office!
A low viscosity, synthetic formulation designed to amplify both the life and performance of your vehicle!
Designed to remedy and prevent problems associated with the harmful carbon deposits that rob your engine of performance and fuel economy.
Lucas Cetane Power Booster is a diesel fuel supplement that adds much needed cleaners and lubricants to diesel fuel.Lucas Cetane Power Booster is a diesel fuel supplement that contains effective lubricants
Lucas Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is manufactured with the highest quality components to provide excellent performance without leaving any residue.

Lucas 30 WT Plus is a blend of high quality base stocks and an exclusive additive package that sets it far apart from other 30 wt. oils.

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Charles Fleming uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak for 1986 Chevy Cavalier

My 1986 Chevy Cavalier developed a leaky rack and pinion and I was losing about a quart of fluid every 2-3 days. I had to be very mindful of where I parked because of the puddle the leak would create. Several mechanics told me that it would be very expensive to repair the problem, and aftera time I got tired of adding fluid. So I just drove with out the power steering working at all. This was okay except for close quarters, such as shopping center parking lots.

A few weeks ago I happened to see an ad for Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak on a NASCAR brodcast and it prompted me to go shop for a bottle. I added it per the label directionsand the leak stopped almost immediately. The power steeringworks perfectly and the pavement beneath the vehicle is dry as a bone.

Because of how effectivethe Power Steering Stop Leak was, I will now try the Transmission Fix.


Charles Fleming

Gainsville, Florida

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